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Vispop 4.0 | Finalists, Finals Night, and Fun Facts

On its fourth year, Vispop has proved that the established "Visayan Pop" brand is already a genre of its own. The new set of six finalists from more than 300 entries is now hitting the Visayan airwaves and once again nagpa-LSS sa mga batan-on. 

The popularity of Facebook among the youth is the key to Vispop's success. Less than a week after the six tracks were launched online, this year's most popular song based on Facebook video views (Imoha Ra Akong Kasingkasing with 41,000+ views) has surpassed last year's most popular song (Bok Love with 37,000+ views). This alone is a proof that the changes in Facebook algorithm has boosted the popularity of Vispop. 

Since the first season of Vispop, I have been a fan of the songwriting campaign (since they prefer to call it this way than just a songwriting contest). I personally like how the organizer put premium in improving the song and convincing young songwriters to create music rather than just create a contest, judge it and move on to the next season. In Vispop, I can personally attest that the songs are taken care of and songwriters are encouraged to continue writing better songs and diversify the OPM by including more Visayan songs. 

Last May 24, 2016, the finalists were revealed to the media and eventually launched online (through Facebook) later that night. Since then, I have repeatedly played the Vispop songs on my playlist while on transit. (Good news: Anyone who wants to get a digital copy will be able to get it with the ticket for the Final's Night. Isn't that a great move?)

Top 6 Finalists

Displaying VISPOP 4 FINALISTS - Joseph Gara, Kenneth Corvera, Jerika Teodorico, Marie Salvaleon, Mara Monton and Sherwin Fugoso (not in photo are Irving Guazon & John Cadeliña).jpg

Nalingaw ko aning kantahan kay ako ang tawo nga hilig magbaktas. Ang paglakaw kabahin na sa akong pagkatawo ug ang Sugbo mao ang akong yutang natawhan. Kining kantaha gikan sa usa ka Sugboanon alang sa iyang pinanggang Sugbo! Nindot pagkasuwat kantaha ug dali rang maka-relate ang mga Bisaya.

Kon dili maglakaw, magsakay ko og jeep. Dili afford ang taxi ug walay kaugalingong car. Kutob ra sa taga-Carcar nga panultihon. Ug ganahan sad kong kauban siya kay mora kog nag-tour all around the world. Okay, relate na sad ko ani.

Ug siyempre, mao kini ang paborito sa mga #kidsthesedays walay duda. Kinsa bay bitter nga dili gyod kiligon aning kantaha? 

Maglutaw ka maminaw aning kantaha. Nagmaoy kunohay apan wala diay. Ang mga naglutaw nagsige og hunahuna niya maka-relate ani. 

Balaknon, tim-os nga Binisaya, ug garbo kining kantaha sa mga Bisaya. Kon maminaw ko ani, daw gidala ko sa usa ka isla diin ang mga tawo wala gyod magpadaog sa langyawng pinulongan.

Sa sinugdanan, abi nako og Super Inggo apan bahin diay sa gugma. Daghang mamahimong pasabot ang pag-adto sa kawanangang walay kataposan ug molupad na tang duha. Kamo na lang ang akong pahunahunaon. Hehe.

Duna koy nabantayan nga gamayng Binisayop ("asa ta dalha" unta ug dili "hain ta dalha") ug mas nindot unta kon "dili tika buhian" kaysa "dili tika biyaan" aron consistent ta sa atong imahe sa paglupad. Sa kinatibuk-an, daw kining kantaha amgid-amgid og mensahe sa "Imong Bayani".

Final's Night

Here are the things you need to know about the much awaited Vispop 4.0 Final's Night! 

Date: June 18, 2016 (Saturday)
Venue: SM Seaside City Centerstage

Criteria for Judging:
Music - 30%
Lyrics - 30%
Overall Impact (musical treatment, commercial appeal, radio-friendliness, uniqueness and breakthrough qualities) - 40%


For more details, contact Vispop here.

Fun Facts

  • Vispop is supported by Filipino Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, Inc. (FILSCAP) and Cebu and Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc.
  • Vispop Netizens' Choice Award will be given to entry with most number of shares and likes posted in Vispop page. For votes to be counted, one music like the Vispop page first then like or share the video from there.
  • Vispop Listeners' Choice Award will be given in partnership with the official radio station partner, MOR Cebu 97.1.
  • Before the actual competition, Vispop holds a workshop for songwriters. During this event, they are told what are the basic criteria and how to improve their writing abilities. 
  • Since it's already a genre, other songs branded as Vispop songs but were not part of the competition include "Sa Imong Heart" by Von Saw and the most popular Visayan song today "Hahahahasula" by Kurt Fick.

Vispop 1.0 includes the following songs: 

  • (1st) "Duyog" written by Jewel and Joe Edward Villaflores and performed by Jewel Villaflores, 
  • (2nd) "Laylay" written by Lourdes Maglinte and performed by Chai Fonacier, 
  • (3rd) "Balay ni Mayang" written by Marianne Dungog and Kyle Wong and performed by Martina San Diego and Kyle Wong, 
  • "Pa-pictura Ko Nimo, Gwapo" written and performed by Marie Maureen Salvaleon, 
  • "Hinaot" written and performed by Paterno Niñal, and 
  • "Historias" written and performed by Alphecca Perpetua

Vispop 2.0 includes the following songs:

  • (1st) "Labyu Langga" written and performed by Jerika Salve Teodorico, 
  • (2nd) "Kasikas" written by Johnever Canlom and performed by Mike Fegi, 
  • (3rd) "Dili Pa Panahon" written Kenneth Corvera and performed by Freon, 
  • "Intergalactic Gugma" written and performed by Kaye and Keith Jonas Dinauto, 
  • "Habak" written and performed by Gasser Perez, and 
  • "Imong Bayani" written and performed by Michael Vincent Tuico

Vispop 3.0 includes the following songs: 

  • (1st) "Buwag Balik" written and performed by Lourdes May Maglinte , 
  • (2nd) "Pangandoy" written by John Stephen Cadelina and Irving Ladanan Guazon and performed by Daryl Leong, 
  • (3rd) "Bok Love" written by Felipe Anjelo Calinawan and Therese Marie Villarante and performed by Kurt Fick and Therese Marie Villarante, 
  • "Tug ta Tug" written by Earnest Hope Tinambacan and Jerry Angelo Catarata and performed by Earnest Hope Tinambacan, 
  • "LQ (Sige La'g Away)" written by Adam Niel Corvera and performed by Eugene Corpin and Julyann Uy, and 
  • "Brgy. Blues" written by Andy Calope and performed by Earl Andrei Ornopia.

See you on the Vispop 4.0 Finals' Night! 


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