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Why ‘Change of Thrones’ this UP Cookout 2015?

UP Cookout 2015: Change of Thrones

Are you ready for UP Cebu’s biggest student-organized event, Iskolar?

On November 13, 2015, expect to see the crowd cheering, clapping, and smiling while witnessing one of the biggest nights in UP Cebu. From 6 PM until 6 AM the next day, the majority of the UP Cebu population won’t be sleeping.

It's the 'UP Cookout 2015: Change of Thrones!' UP Cebu Student Council and UNO Productions, the graduating class of BA Mass Communication, will give everyone a night of music, dance, art to remember!

What’s the good news? This event is OPEN TO EVERYONE!


UP Cookout 2015

This year’s UP Cookout will have the timely theme of ‘Change of Thrones’ inspired by the hit TV series ‘Game of Thrones.’ What’s the catch? ‘UP Cookout 2015: Change of Thrones’ will tackle election-related issues.

May 2016 is a few months to go. This year’s UP Cebu social awareness campaign deals with the upcoming national election and aims to educate the public about the current political trends.

As part of the social awareness, the UP Cebu community was asked one question, “Who will be your 2016 President?” Check out their interesting answers here!

Prior to the November 13, 2015 main event, UP Cookout organized two election-related events.

Last September 26, 2015, the UP Cookout organizers in partnership with Rappler had the ‘Innovation + Social Good Summit #TheLeaderIWant’ in UP Cebu AS Conference Hall. The event was intended to empower the youth in choosing the right candidates for next year’s election.

Last November 6, 2015, UP Cookout staged the ‘Pre-Cookout: All People Must Rise’ in UP Cebu Volleyball Court. Various student organizations and individuals shared their talents such as singing, dancing, poetry reading, and political discussions in various social issues including the upcoming 2016 national election.

“We believe that young voters, making a huge chunk of the voting population can change Philippine politics if we rally behind issues that matter the most to our society,” said Justine Balane, UP Cebu Student Council Chairperson.

After the two successful minor UP Cookout events, everything is set for the main event!


As the term suggests, Cookout started in August 1987 as a simple gathering of UP Cebu community where people get to talk about important matters over food. 

According to Prof. Raymund Fernandez, UP Cebu alumnus and Professor of Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Painting, Cookout also served as a culmination activity in celebrating the campus’ victory as one of the first campuses to ever reinstitute the Student Council after the declaration of Martial Law.

Soon enough, the simple gathering increasingly turned into a huge production where UP Cebu students rally behind socially relevant issues through a talent showcase, year after year.


‘UP Cookout 2015: Change of Thrones’ is generally divided into four segments. The socially relevant segments with their respective thought-provoking themes are the following:

Kantahan - Hear Our Roar

The voice of the youth will start the furor of a nation distressed. Hear us ROAR.#UPCookout2015 #ChangeofThrones(c) Ian Intong
Posted by UP Cookout on Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sayawan - Fire and Passion

The passion to serve and protect the people must be aflame for change to come. FIRE and PASSION.#UPCookout2015 #ChangeofThrones(c) Ian Intong
Posted by UP Cookout on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bandahan - Ours is the Fury

The ferocity of our hopes and dreams will ignite the fire that will stir our hearts in the darkness. Ours is the FURY.#UPCookout2015 #ChangeofThrones(c) Ian Intong
Posted by UP Cookout on Sunday, October 25, 2015

Rampahan - Change is Coming

Our vote can alter our fate as a nation. Free the Filipino people from the chain of struggle. CHANGE is coming.#UPCookout2015 #ChangeofThrones(c) Ian Intong
Posted by UP Cookout on Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Who do you think will win? Join the poll now.


Of course, who wouldn’t miss the fun side of every UP Cookout? Several local bands and national bands will be performing live in UP Cebu on November 13, 2015. Cebu’s premiere Bisrock band, Missing Filemon, Powerspoonz, and Manila-based Rivermaya will conquer the stage to give everyone the fun they want!

A roster of local bands includes NeverEnding Weekend, Silingan ni Felicity, Band-Aid, UNKNOWN Company, Periodic Table, GINSYNC, Impune, Great White Gents, and Ante Meridian. Local DJ’s Bernard Ybanez and Steve Chadi will put more color to the night!

It’s a social awareness party for everyone!


Interested to attend ‘UP Cookout 2015: Change of Thrones?’ Get your tickets from UP Cookout Facebook page or contact 09177706665 or 0946608180. You can also buy it on the night itself for only P100.00!

GOOD NEWS: All UP Cebu students enrolled this semester will get FREE access. Just present your student ID at the entrance. (No, you don’t need to wear them! ;))

"UP Cookout 2015: Change of Thrones" is co-presented by Globe,, Juanderlust, and Crown Regency.

See you there, Iskolar!


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