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13 Seemingly Horror Situations in College Dormitories, Apartments and Boarding Houses You Don't Want

Halloween Horror Stories | Zuprome
Trick or treat? Monsters are around the corner of your dormitories. Read to find out! Source:
Halloween season is just around the corner.

If you have horror stories in UP Cebu, feel free to share your #UPCebuAfterSunset to us and we will publish it. To know more about this Zuprome project, just click on this link. (UPDATE: We've posted the collection of ghost stories in UP Cebu already. Click the link provided.)

Did you know that for college students, there are untold horror situations happening in their day-to-day living in their respective dormitories, apartments and boarding houses? I’ve personally collected situations they feel to be horror stories when these happen to them.

Yes, I’m redefining horror in this list. These are 13 seemingly horror situations that you don’t want to experience while living in your respective second home. Especially if you are a UP Cebu student.

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Keep Calm There Is No Internet | Zuprome

13. You don’t have internet connection. What else to do?

Internet has become a prerequisite to studying nowadays. A peek to Facebook or Twitter while doing research has become a necessity. When one has no internet connection at home, it becomes a horror situation that deserves a spot on this list.


12. Brownout. Blackout. Walay kuryente. 

You’re done with your dinner. You’re now ready to face your assignments. You open your laptop and all of a sudden… boom. The lights went off. You now have a limited access to the internet then, after a while, there's no connection available.

Your only choice: go out of the room and talk to your boardmates. Repetitively ask nganong walay kuryente until it comes back. Hopefully not long after.


11. No water to drink. No water to take a bath. Go to school without ligo.

Isn’t it horror if you’re almost choking and your dispenser doesn’t have water for you to drink? How about the feeling of “it’s-my-turn-in-the-shower” and suddenly the faucet stops and you’re in the middle of your pagpanabon?

Two-in-one situation that deserves to be in a single spot on this list. 


10. No more underwear to wear. All of them wala pay laba.

Are you going to repeat your walay laba nga underwear (uso baya ang Side A, Side B mora lag banda ba) or survive a day allowing yourself down there to be free? That’s the major dilemma.


9. You had an 8-hour sleep. You forgot you had a deadline last night.

We love to sleep, there’s no doubt about that. There are times, a few times perhaps, when we take some nap (kay kapoy kaayo ang lawas) then decides to ring an alarm later for dinner to finish some paper to make. Upon checking the time, it’s already 8 AM. Blame the alarm clock. It didn’t work!


8. Woke up early. Took a bath. Went to school. Discovered no class.

Waking up in the morning is one of the hardest challenges a college student has to take. Going to a 7:30 class, for example, and the teacher didn’t arrive at all, will piss you off. Exemption: exams and you weren't able to study.


7. You woke up ten minutes before class. Puno ang tanang CR.

Unless you’ve got a teacher who doesn’t check the attendance, this situation leaves you two choices: to come on class late or to delay your bath and have some emergency head bath. (What’s head bath? Kanang maligo ka nga bas-on nimo imong buhok and manghilam-os dayon. Optional. Maligo sa perfume after.)


6. You arrived late from a group study. Gate is already locked. You forgot your key.

Unless your gate is katkat-able or it isn’t locked with a key that only your landlady has access and you can just call a boardmate, remove this from the list. However, if you are trapped outside the gate, what you can do is sleep somewhere else (say, a friend’s house) or tambay in a 24/7 coffee shop in IT Park.


5. There’s a yellow submarine in the toilet bowl. It stinks and it’s wet.

Do I need to explain why this deserves a spot in this seemingly horror situations’ list?


4. You’re serious with your acads. Sunog kilay and your boardmates are chilling out.

Seriously this situation is very, very difficult to handle especially if you value friendship with your peers. Unless you are known to be a strict boardmate, you may just be crying inside. For introverts, this is another horror situation during college life that they will remember forever.


3. You studied late for an exam. Seryoso na study. You didn’t wake up in your alarm.

Usahay tagsa ra gyod ka mag-naning. And unfortunately, kanang mag-naning na ka, makalimot pa gyod kag mata. Blame the alarm clock. It didn’t work!


2. You have a very slooooooooooooow internet connection. (Yes, this deserves another special mention.)

Having no internet is different from having an internet-that-doesn’t-seem-to-load-even-your-Facebook-Newsfeed and personally, this is one horror situation that happens to me almost every single day especially if I have too many things to do.


1. Your favorite landlady asks for your monthly rent. For the nth time.

Dear allowance,

Please come on time. Dear landlady, please understand my allowance. Na-traffic lang. Will notify you once naabot na.


Do you agree with the list? Do you have other horror stories you experienced while living in an apartment? Share us your thoughts by leaving some good comments below.


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