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10 Tips All UP Cebu Freshies Should Read

iskolar tips for up cebu freshies - zuprome

After four long months of summer, University of the Philippines Cebu will officially start the academic year 2014-2015 2015-2016 this mid-August after the academic shift took effect and improvements have been done to the UP Cebu campus

After writing the dos and don’ts in UP Cebu for freshies, I’ve decided to create this blog post containing tips that every Freshie Iskolar entering UP Cebu should be mindful about

Iskolar, here are the 10 tips every UP Cebu Freshie should read:

1 - Form 5. Invoice. Bring it on your first few weeks each new semester.

Your Form 5 Invoice will be your ticket to your classes. This serves as your proof that you are enrolled in that semester. Some teachers prefer to sign your Form 5 Invoice. If you decide to join an organization, it may require you to submit a photocopy of your Form 5 Invoice and ID picture for org recognition purposes. Scholarships will also require you to submit a photocopy of your Form 5 Invoice. 

2 - Student Number. Always remember that number.

Without your student number, you have no identity in UP Cebu or in any UP campus. You get your student number based on your UPCAT application. Almost all forms you fill out in UP Cebu involves your unique student number. 

Tip: you don’t need to memorize your student number but no one graduates from UP Cebu without remembering it by heart. It comes naturally. 

3 - Study Cool. Maximize your free time to turn it into a fun academic time.

This may seem an unwritten rule to every student in every university but let me add something to this tip: don’t be a nerd. You need to get a life but you should be balancing your “study cool” and “enjoy life” attitude. You don’t have to go to the bar or have a nightlife to “enjoy life” but spending time with your peers will do.

4 - ID. Don’t wear it but bring it all the time.

If you are a UP Cebu student, it is an unwritten rule to bring your ID all the time. There's a newly implemented NO ID, NO ENTRY in the university. You don’t need to wear your ID though. This was implemented last March 2015 for security reasons after several theft encounters.

In fact, here are the major uses of your UP Cebu ID aside from entering the university: during enrollment, on borrowing of books in the library, on student discount in public transportation, and can also be used in perks in different establishments like 10% discount in Handuraw Pizza Gorordo.

5 - TBA. Know its meaning.

TBA is a basic acronym found in your Form 5 Invoice. If you're wondering its meaning, it does not mean “The Basketball Area” or “The Bahay ng Alumni” but simply “To Be Announced.” Oftentimes, you find it in the room assignment of your enrolled class like PE or NSTP.

6 - Friends. Find true friends by being yourself.

Since college is a completely different stage in life especially if you live independently, you need to find good friends who understand you. You don’t need to pretend to be someone else to find true friends. You create the bond with your peers by simply becoming your true self. Change is definitely constant to achieve self growth but make sure that you are aware of the changes you make, whether its for the better or the other way around.

7 - Campus Crush. Spot that one girl/guy you want to be your source of inspiration.

For some, books may be their source of inspiration but definitely having campus crushes isn’t bad at all. As a teenager, you have hormonal changes and having crushes is just normal. You don’t need to be in a relationship with your crush but simply make him/her your daily source of good vibes. If you are ready to commit yourself, you may start finding your partner in life.

8 - Be Open. There will be a lot of opportunities and you just have to be open to these.

In UP Cebu, you may be overwhelmed with countless possible opportunities such as organizational involvements, and various workshops/seminars you can attend to improve your skills. When it comes to joining organizations in UP Cebu, especially politically-inclined, make sure to have an open mind. As a responsible student, it is advisable to know the different angles of the story before making a decision. Being open to possibilities is an attitude every UP student should bear in mind. 

9 - Respect Diversity. Never undermine anyone.

In UP Cebu, we value a person’s individuality. We are free to do what we want and we should respect a person's decision. While you have the freedom to do whatever you want, be reminded that your freedom ends where someone else’s freedom begins.

10 - Give Back. In ways you can do.

You are a student funded by the people. You are an Iskolar ng Bayan. Whatever bracket in Socialized Tuition Scheme (STS) you have, part of your tuition fee is still paid from the people’s taxes. As an Iskolar ng Bayan, it is just rightful to give back to the country in whatever means you can. Don’t forget to be an Iskolar Para sa Bayan. 


11 - Speak UP, Iskolar. Speak your mind.

Started its popularity on April 2013, this community-curated Facebook page has become the online freedom avenue of UP Cebu community. Students, alumni and even friends from the neighborhood are welcome to post and interact in the page. To be updated with the recent controversies and newsbits, don’t forget to follow Speak UP, Iskolar.

Iskolar, share in the comment section below your additional tips for our incoming freshies. For freshies, let us know your thoughts on these tips.


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