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Dos and Don’ts in UP Cebu

Iskolar Tips - University of the Philippines Cebu - Zuprome
Everyone knows that studying in the University of the Philippines Cebu isn’t similar to high school. Since almost every freshie iskolar is trying to find tips before college life officially begins this August, I decided to share some of the lessons I learned in my four-year stay in this university. (Suggested Reading: What's new in UP Cebu?)

1. Don’t wear your ID. Unless you want to be known as a freshie.

Bring your ID but don’t wear it. Yes, the new NO ID, NO ENTRY policy has already been implemented but students aren't required to wear it; presenting it to the guard upon entry is already enough. Some of the reasons why this has become a norm are the following: ID slings are too expensive, katol ang ID sa liog, and the majority reason is they don't want to be misidentified as a freshie.

2. Do spend your vacant time in one of the tambayans. Relax lang.

College isn't high school nga sunod-sunod ang klase from 7:30 in the morning to 5:30. You'll have a lot of breaks in between classes. You can opt to go to the mall or to McDo or Jollibee, but the best way to use your break is to spend it chatting with friends in one of the tambayans in UP Cebu. Some of the tambayans we have are the following: McDo near the basketball court, Malax near the guard house, Ichthus near the Humanities Building, kubo in front of AS Building, and other mushroom-like tambayans spotted all over the UP Cebu campus.

3. Don’t call your fellow Iskos and Iskas UPian. Ewwww.

You are free to call your fellows UP students, Iskolar, Isko, Iska, and you’ll be fine.

4. Do study on your own before coming to class. Ayawg salig sa teacher.

While the university got awesome teachers, don’t rely on what information they give to you. They have limited knowledge but you have the unlimited capability to learn beyond the four-walled classroom. Teachers love to teach students who know the lesson at hand and ask relevant questions to sharpen their knowledge. Do you know how to Google? I can teach you.

5. Don’t take a picture with Oble. Unless you believe in the myth na di ka ka-graduate.

No, I challenge you to have a picture taken with Oble and prove to everyone that this Oble myth isn’t true. Be one of the few to took the challenge. Like me.

6. Do remember your student number. Importante kaayo na sa imong (UP) life.

Almost every form you fill up in your campus life involves your unique student number. If you apply for a job and the interviewer is a fellow Isko or Iska, she might ask for your student number to verify your identity. If you’re applying for masters or PhD in any UP campus in the future, you will still embrace the same student number.

7. Do know the meaning of TBA. But dili sad kaayo ko KJ nga isulti nimo.

It’s found in your Form 5 and you can Google the meaning of TBA. Clue: it's not The Basketball Area nor The Bahay ng Alumni.

8. Don’t pay large bills to the main canteen. Masuko si Ate kay walay sensilyo.

Despite having this as an unwritten rule in your UP Cebu stay which labeled Ate as the strict canteenera, she actually got a pretty amazing memory. Once she knows your name, she may remember it every time you see her. Don’t forget to greet her with a smile.

9. Do bring tissues in going to the toilet. Lesson learned.

UP Cebu isn’t Ayala or SM. Bring your own ang peg. That’s another unwritten rule in the campus.

10. Don’t pretend to be someone else to stand out. Magpakatotoo ka.

You’ll definitely enjoy your stay in UP Cebu without the need to become someone who you are not. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear, speak your mind but respect begets respect. 

Enjoy your stay in UP Cebu, Iskolar!


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