10 Tips in Planning Your First Solo Travel

October 12, 2015

I plan to explore a place in Cebu that I haven’t been into. It has been on my bucket list for sometime now but I haven’t fulfilled it yet. Here’s a challenge I give myself: I will be travelling to anywhere in Cebu before the year ends, whatever it takes. I’ll be blogging my experience, too.

My fellow CBC bloggers Monica of Afterglowbe and Melanie of Fueled by Caffeine inspired me to write this blog post today. While reading this 10 Questions To Answer Before Going on A Solo Trip, I am happy to announce that I accept the challenge to go on a trip as a solo backpacker. Since this will just be my first time, I’ll be going somewhere in Cebu. Not to mention I want to explore new places in Cebu, too.

For first time solo backpackers like me, here are some tips that we need to consider before embarking on this journey that we haven’t tried before:

1. Remember: It’s A Date with Yourself

Solo backpacking is definitely a date with no one else but yourself. Understand that you have to be independent and prepared mentally, emotionally and physically. Make sure that you’re comfortable doing this or if not, consider some other time. Tell yourself: you’ll visit a foreign place and you need to trust yourself.

2. Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Going on a solo trip is a sign that you’re ready to go beyond your comfort zone. You will have to leave all those persona in you that tells you to avoid talking to people.

3. Meet New People

Without any companion by your side, don’t hesitate to mingle with new people. Ask when needed. While you have to be conscious of who to approach, you have to keep in mind that you have to be prepared in whatever scenario you encounter while talking to them. It’s a different case if you speak the same language or you’re a foreigner to that place. Don’t be afraid to listen to their stories. Be approachable as much as possible. Remember: you’re a foreigner to their place.

4. Plan Your Itinerary

Now that you have already internalized that you’re going to a journey without your best friend or anyone else but yourself, you have to prepare on what adventures to take and which particular places to visit. You also need to determine if you’re going there for a day or a week. If you’re going to visit a local place, don’t be too strict in your itinerary. If you’re going abroad, you need to plan out your solo vacation as you might be wasting your time. Goal of the itinerary: make use the most of your time!

5. Prepare Your Accommodation and Transportation

In going to a new place, especially a foreign one, consider booking your accommodation and transportation ahead. Going for an Airbnb room is a good alternative, but if you’re on a budget, hotel will do. For transportation, make sure to book ahead your plane tickets to get discounts. If going local, you might want to consider checking the schedule of ships, trains and buses to make sure that you won’t be having trouble moving to places.

6. Keep Track of Your Expenses

If you’re on budget, make sure that you know your current budget to avoid any shortage. If possible, allot some emergency funds as needed. Put your money in various places of your bag and avoid shopping spree without a budget limit. Don't forget to allot some of your budget to local delicacies and pasalubong.

7. Bring A Mobile Device

To avoid getting lost, make sure to bring a mobile device. Make sure to get some data as Google Maps can help you in roaming around places. For emergency situations, you should be able to easily get help from a friend. Make sure to share your experience online, too.

8. Learn Social Media Tips

In speaking of online, know the social media tips you can consider in your solo trip. Instagram is great for photos, Swarm + Foursquare will keep your friends updated to where you are, and share some of your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter while moving between places. Be easy on your online life, this solo trip is more about you and how you explore the world.

9. Know the Risks

Make sure to avoid risks when travelling alone. Check the weather. Know how safe that place is. Research on similar trips made by travel bloggers to check if there’s a need for you to prepare for anything. Know the budget and usual cost of living. Information is powerful in making sure that you're having a safe and fun-filled travel.

10. Enjoy the Small Moments

As you explore the world alone, consider stopping for a moment and ponder about your life. While you can boast all those big moments to your friends, enjoying the small moments will tell you more about yourself. Remember that one of the goals of your solo travel is knowing yourself better and having a 'me time'.

If you’re ready to explore a new place soon, let us know in the comment section below. If you have insights that I missed to share, we’d love to hear more about them!

(Note: This is my entry for Day 12 of 30 Day Blogging Challenge organized by Cebu Blogging Community from October 1-30, 2015. #iBlogforCBC #CBCLevelUp #CBC30DayChallenge)

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