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October 2, 2015

Vispop Music Video - Zuprome
VISPOP. Let's expand the world of OPM!

We’ve heard 18 songs from Visayan Pop (Vispop) Music Festival from 3 seasons, and some of these Vispop songs have actually hit the top spot in several local radio station countdowns. Isn’t it great to know that Vispop has successfully filled the gap of some Manila-based music artists! 

The history of Vispop is that Jude Gitamondoc, the brainchild behind this music campaign, wanted to let everyone know that Original Pilipino Music (OPM) isn’t just about the Tagalog songs. The vision of Vispop is create hit songs in the local tongue, Cebuano or Binisaya in general. 

Fast-forward to three years after the first Vispop in 2013, we now have several songs that are played in various radio stations and media outlets, most especially in the social media.

Interestingly, social media played a major role in the success of Vispop. The new media format was able to reach a wider market in no time. Imagine, after an hour posting the official lyrics of Vispop songs online, thousands of people are already sharing and viewing the songs.

The Vispop songs were shared in various social media networks, especially Facebook, and people started making covers on Youtube. Others exerted more efforts in creating music videos.

If you’re a Vispop avid supporter, you might have probably heard these songs. This time, let’s give ourselves a chance to watch their official music videos created by Artist Ko and FatBoys Productions for these Vispop classics.


Jewel Villaflores - DUYOG (Official Music Video)
"Ikaw lang ang akong higugmaon..."Written by Jewel DelRio Villaflores and Joe Edward DelRio VillafloresAll instruments arranged, performed and recorded by Jad Bantug at 1032 Recording StudioBacking vocals by Daryl Shane Paulin LeongAll tracks recorded and mixed by Jad Bantug at 1032 Recording StudiosProduced by Jude GitamondocMusic video conceptualized and directed by Kurt Diores FickEditing and additional camerawork by Karl Dickon Montilla TerezProduction management by Clarki D SparkieSpecial thanks to:Bantug FamilyVillarante Family
Posted by FatBoys Production on Friday, September 25, 2015

Just recently launched by FatBoys Production in Facebook, this song won during the 1st Vispop Music Festival. Written by Jewel and Joe Villaflores and performed by Jewel Villaflores, this song tells the story of a girl who’s deeply in love and she’s dedicating the song to her partner. What I find interesting about this song is that it was originally sung by a female while in the Bisaya culture, it’s most of the times the male singing these types of songs. That’s probably one of the reasons why judges loved this piece! Feminism has arrived in the Cebuano music scene.

Pa-pictura Ko Nimo, Gwapo

Originally created by Artist Ko, and performed and written by Marie Salvaleon for the 1st Vispop Music Festival, this song tells a story of a contemporary girl who’s admiring this popular guy. Her mission: to take a picture of this guy and post it online. Despite not placing the top spots, that simple premise with the catchy and bubbly tune turned into a great hit! 

Balay ni Mayang

Created by Fat Boys Production, performed by Kyle Wong and Martina Santiago, and written by Kyle Wong and Marianne Dungog, Balay ni Mayang is the biggest hit in the 1st Vispop Music Festival despite just winning 3rd place. This is basically the vision of Vispop, to write songs that people will love, regardless of its place in the grand finals. After all, making it to the Top 6 of Vispop is already a great news for the artists themselves!


Sa Akong Heart

Did you know that this song was written and submitted by Ronald Ensalada in the Vispop competition but didn’t make it to the finals? After some brainstorming, Jude Gitamondoc realized that the original version of the song can be improved and become a hit song with the help of Medyo Maldito (Rowell Ucat), a popular social media personality. To add more kilig factor, teen Cebuano heartthrob Von Saw performed this song. 



Kurt Fick - HAHAHAHasula (Official Music Video)
"Pukawa ra ko'g buwag na mo..."Performed by Kurt FickBacking vocals by Paola Pia San DiegoWritten by Rowell Ucat aka Medyo Maldito and Jude GitamondocGuitars arranged and performed by Henrick James PestañoAll tracks recorded and mixed by Felipe Anjelo Calinawan at 1032 Recording StudiosProduced by Jude GitamondocMusic video directed and edited by Kurt Diores FickConcept and story by Therese Marie Villarante and Jude GitamondocCinematography by Karl Dickon Montilla TerezTechnical and light design by Lee Anthony Paderes PadaLive sound recording by Felipe Anjelo CalinawanSound design by Jad Bantug at 1032 Recording StudioMakeup and production design by Jayneil Louise EnriquezProduction management by Clarki JolbotSpecial thanks to:Hale Manna Beach Resort & Coastal GardensKarancho Beach Resort
Posted by FatBoys Production on Friday, October 2, 2015

FatBoys Production just released the official music video of the song written by Kurt Fick and performed by Kurt Fick featuring Paola Sandiego. This Vispop song is currently the most request song in various MOR Radio Station. Hahahahasula is basically about falling in love with a person who’s in someone else’s arms yet believing that fate will find a way that they will end up in each other’s arms. With that concept popular to many young at heart these days, don’t wonder why it’s perhaps the most popular Cebuano or Bisaya or generally Vispop song today!

(Note: This is my entry for Day 2 of 30 Day Blogging Challenge organized by Cebu Blogging Community from October 1-30, 2015. #iBlogforCBC #CBCLevelUp #CBC30DayChallenge)

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