How To Survive the UP Cebu Lifestyle According to Alumni

October 21, 2015

How To Survive the UP Cebu Lifestyle According to Alumni

The University of the Philippines Cebu is looked up to as among the top universities in Cebu and the Visayas. That label is not drawn from thin air. The UP Cebu lifestyle is unique, being the university that demands the most out of its students. More than academic excellence, UP Cebu students are expected to be involved with the community at large in living up to their Iskolar ng Bayan tag. If that in itself is not yet too daunting as an expectation to live up to, the UP Cebu lifestyle also requires learning to get along with different personalities, make do with meager learning resources, help shape up school policies, uphold academic freedom, and stand up for what you think is right. Because of such a demanding lifestyle, not every UPCAT passer ends his or her UP Cebu journey with a diploma in hand.

But there are those who made it to the end, some barely surviving yet some doing it with flying colors. We asked those who went through living the UP Cebu lifestyle and earned their much-coveted degrees what it took for them to roll with the punches at UP Cebu. Here is what helped them through their UP Cebu experience.

Make Friends

“Find a friend in each subject so you can help each other out”, says Computer Science graduate Aunne Arzadon.

Having peers that share the same lifestyle in and out of school allowed Mass Communications alumna Debb Acebu to be with people that share the same interests with her. And in dealing with different kinds of students, she looked to her communication skills to let her deal with that.

Jorja Yrastorza, once a Management student who shifted to and completed a Mass Communications degree, thought that UP could be boring since it has fewer students compared to other schools and that she does not get to meet a lot of people. So she stuck with the people who were there and was with her barkada the whole time. 

Unload Pressure

Upholding academic excellence can build up pressure. But Computer Science alumnus Jan Richie Yu did not want to stress out on that. According to him being calm, relaxed, and performing at his own pace helped him survive.

Ana Coritha Desamparado, Mass Communications alumna suggests to take it one thing at a time and be open minded enough to be changed.

Read and Study

Magna cum laude Annie Perez says developing a love for reading helped her survive the UP Cebu lifestyle. 

“Just study”, is the advice of Management alumna Dimples Gerodias.


Mass Communications alumnus Paolo Diango recalls, “I survived the UP Cebu lifestyle by engaging myself how it is to become a member of such society, by adjusting myself to a lot of different types of people, situations, and all, but not forgetting my self’s stand on life.”

Be Humble

“Humility was the reason why I survived UP. I had to take a step back and accept the fact that I still have a lot to learn not just in terms of academics, but also lessons in life. Up taught me that life is about learning with an open mind”, muses Psychology alumna Francesca Fernandez.

Time Management and Multitasking

“You must have good time management and multi-tasking skills. There are lots of projects and deadlines to beat, so things like schedulers and notepads for reminders are really important”, shares Mara Rev Resma, another Mass Communications graduate.

Did you complete your UP Cebu journey? Do you have tips to share on how to survive the UP Cebu lifestyle? Let us know in the comments section. And if you find this piece interesting and helpful to current and future Iskolars ng Bayan, feel free to share.

(This is a guest blog post of Thaddeau Engaling of Wonderful Cebu. He writes about what's fun in Cebu and that includes hotels, resorts, restaurants, activities and a lot more!)

(Note: This is an entry for Day 21 of 30 Day Blogging Challenge organized by Cebu Blogging Community from October 1-30, 2015. #iBlogforCBC #CBCLevelUp #CBC30DayChallenge)

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