Best of Zuprome: October 1-7, 2015

October 8, 2015

The first week of October has been an interesting week for Zuprome. It's the first time (since forever #mayforever) that I've blogged daily. This is because I joined the 30 Day Blogging Challenge of Cebu Blogging Community.

If you missed out this interesting week, here are the posts you can still go back and read it now:

1. Official Music Video of Vispop Songs You Will Surely Love

 Have you listened to the official music videos of Vispop songs? If you haven't listened to these Vispop songs, check this out.

2. Sikat Places in Cebu Nga Dunay Forever

Abi nimog #walayforever pero diri sa Cebu, dunay forever. Asa ning mga lugara? Check this out.

3. Bisrock Fanatic? Watch 'Gugmang Giatay', A Bisrock Jukebox Musical

If you're a Bisrock fan, you shouldn't miss out this one-of-a-kind Cebuano music. To know the details of Gugmang Giatay, check this out.

4. #BalakPaMore: Cebuano Poetry in Random Corners of Cebu

Cebuano poems are all over Cebu City. Where to spot them? Check this out.

5. 10 Reasons Why I Decided to Join the 30 Day Blogging Challenge

If you want to join a 30 Day Blogging Challenge, here 10 reasons that motivated me. It might motivate you, too. Check this out.

6. How to Survive 30 Day Blogging Challenge

If you have officially joined the 30 Day Blogging Challenge, there are tips on how to survive the challenge. Check this out.

7. Blogging 101: The benefits of Using Outline in Writing

For those who are just neophyte in blogging or considering whether to use an outline in writing, here are my thoughts. Check this out to know my opinion in using an outline.

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(Note: This is my entry for Day 8 of 30 Day Blogging Challenge organized by Cebu Blogging Community from October 1-30, 2015. #iBlogforCBC #CBCLevelUp #CBC30DayChallenge)

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