Blogging 101: 7 Easy Steps to Start a Blog [Infographic]

October 19, 2015

Blogging is one of the things you can do if you love writing. Consider your blog as a project that you can venture into while you’re still alive. There are many benefits of blogging. It can become your portfolio, you can earn money from it, and it can connect you to your community.

For those people who are interested in blogging, they ask: how to start a blog? There are many resources you can get online and today, I am giving you easy steps in creating your blog.

7 Easy Steps to Start a Blog
START. These are the 7 easy steps in starting a blog.

1. Choose your niche.

Know what you want to write and choose a topic that is close to your heart. Be original in your content and make sure to choose a consistent voice in all your blog posts. If possible, you can write your voice as if you’re talking to your readers.

2. Select your blog name.

In choosing a blog name, make sure to aim for simplicity. It shouldn’t be hard to remember and it matches your domain name. Try to Google your blog name, too. If you’re planning to buy a domain, check if that username is available. If not, tweak it to make sure it’s available. Generally, having a blog name with the same social media username is a good practice. Consider checking your username here if it’s still available.

3. Pick your preferred blogging platform.

You do want to blog through Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, Ghost or Medium? All these and more are known as content management system (CMS), or simply called blogging platform. You will use one of these in starting your own blog. Some of these have free hosting like Blogging, Tumblr, and Medium while you need to have paid hosting in using Ghost.

(Note: Wordpress has a free version and a paid hosting. Instead of using the free version, I recommend using Blogger instead. The paid hosting is today’s most preferred CMS so you might want to consider that.)

4. Write your content regularly.

In blogging, make sure to write your content on a regular basis. Create a schedule and make sure to follow it. Blogging should be fun and exciting. In creating your content, make sure to include videos, images, and other visualizations. Using an infographic like this one is a good way to generate traffic to your blog.

5. Connect to your readers.

The comment section of your blog is the best way to connect to your readers. Read their comments and respond accordingly. Make it easy for them to comment and for you to be notified every time someone comments on your blog. Since not all feedback is positive, make sure to be kind all the time.

Your social media profiles or e-mail are other means to connect to your readers.

6. Share online.

Don’t write a blog and leave. Share it in your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Add a blog link in all your social media channels and be the voice of your blog. Promote your content regularly.

7. Find a community.

When the spark is not there anymore, find ways to be interested in blogging. Finding a blogging community that you share the same interest is one of the ways you can do to be encouraged in blogging. Seeing others prosper in blogging will definitely encourage you to improve yourself.

Connect to others both online and offline. Online, be open for collaboration and connect to your favorite bloggers. Offline, make sure to network at events, and attend blog conferences wherein you can find people of the same interest or find potential sponsors in your blog.

If you’re a Cebuano blogger, consider joining Cebu Blogging Community. Enjoy the spirit of the community!

(Note: This is my entry for Day 19 of 30 Day Blogging Challenge organized by Cebu Blogging Community from October 1-30, 2015. #iBlogforCBC #CBCLevelUp #CBC30DayChallenge)

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