When OPM and Technology Are Merged As One

July 4, 2015

CONGRATS, ISKA! Lourdes Maglinte topped the Vispop 3.0 with her song "Buwag Balik."

In the days when foreign songs reign in the radio station countdowns and where the this generation rely their music choice on the internet, the future of OPM (Original Pilipino Music) may be at risk.

Yes, this generation idolizes Taylor Swift, One Direction, or even Justin Bieber. Yes, we know Sam Smith, Echosmith, and The 1975. Let us not forget that this generation also knows Himig Handog and Vispop.

Yes, I may have some weird taste of music. In fact, my Spotify playlist includes Vispop, along with other Cebuano songs, and Himig Handog, along with other songs in my #Hugot playlist.

Forget Taylor Swift ignoring Spotify. Spotify has been my daily source of good music. While writing this blog in the middle of the night, the #Hugot playlist from Spotify is playing in the background. It gives me the ability to turn my thoughts into words. Also, it helps me concentrate more.


If we talk about OPM, all of us can always say these are Tagalog songs, but as Jude Gitamondoc, Cebuano music advocate, taught us in his TEDx talk in the TEDxUniversityofSanCarlos earlier this year, OPM refers to the Pilipino music, not just Tagalog music. This includes other Filipino languages like Cebuano and Ilokano. Yes, Vispop is tapping the Cebuano audience by creating good OPM music we can relate.

Did you know that before Vispop, there was Bisrock? Coined from Bisaya and rock, Bisrock became phenomenal in early 2008 but lasted roughly for only 3 years. After that stint, when the popularity of Cebuano songs through Bisrock weakened, Vispop rose into popularity, thanks to Jude Gitamondoc and team.

With the tagline, “Bisayaa, Uy!”, Vispop has gone three seasons already. Its recently concluded third season with “Buwag Balik” of Lourdes Maglinte topping the “song writing campaign” (rather than calling it a contest, the organizers preferred calling it as such) will soon be included in Spotify track list.

Are you excited to listen to these Vispop songs? The exclusive CD compilation of all the Vispop winning songs is now already available in Handuraw Pizza Gorordo. Later this month, probably, we will see these new songs from Vispop 3.0 and I will be immediately adding them on my “Bisaya” playlist with 100+ followers already.


Listening to music while in the office requires earphones as to respect the concentration of my teammates (rather than calling each other co-employees, we prefer the said term for we are team and our mission is to make our clients happy).

It’s a different story when I’m at home. Like right now. While writing this blog, I’m just with my laptop speaker. Can you imagine if there’s bluetooth speaker around? It would have been a better music experience.

Having a portable bluetooth speaker is perfect for an adventure junkie like me. While working remotely, probably in a beach or somewhere where I can spend away from an electricity source, having good music and a good quality of music from my tablet can boost my ability to write paragraphs.

A Capdase Beat SOHO Portable Bluetooth Speaker is what’s on my checklist right now. Hopefully, on my next writing concentration, I’ll be playing my Spotify #Hugot or Bisaya tracks from my bluetooth speaker courtesy of #CBCAnniversary and #Capdase.

Technology and OPM are two good buddies that can perfectly work together.

(This post is an entry to the Capdase Beat SOHO giveway during the Cebu Blogging Community's first anniversary on July 4, 2015.)

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