Cebu Blogging Community is Officially One Year Old!

July 18, 2015

Since Cebu Blogging Community is already a year old, the Community Leads planned to have a humble celebration over dinner. When they started planning, sponsors from different private establishments poured in and the humble first anniversary dinner turned out into one of the biggest event of the community yet. 

Last July 4, 2015, Cebu Blogging Community gathered as one and it was a night of fun, prizes, and surprises. The Community Leads Chanel, Mary, Jeff, Gay and Jhanis was able to invite and convince our sponsors to spend for our dinner, venue and countless surprises. 

On that night, everyone was in black and wore endless curves in their lips. 

Yamba, our main sponsor, was generous enough to spend for the party's venue and the food we ate. They approached CBC and offered to sponsor our event when they heard were going to have our first anniversary event. Yamba, a social media platform that aims to connect the world through hashtags, is a startup company that asked the community to be beta testers of their website. In fact, they offered giving away 3 brand new iPhone 6 smartphones to the most active users of the website. Yes, it's open to everyone and not just within the blogging community of Cebu. They're so generous that they gave away 40 shirts to the attendees of the event. 

The event was jampacked. More than 40 members of CBC were present and gathered to this momentous achievement of the community. As part of the community, I am most grateful to witness such a wonderful world of prizes and surprises for the community. Will all these perks, who wouldn't want to a part of the community and be better in their craft? Here's the good news: joining Cebu Blogging community is free. 

Other major sponsors of the event include Square Foot (they made our badge!), Turtulele (they gave away 3 awesome fiberglass ukelele to lucky members), HOOQ from Globe (free 30-day trial to all party attendees), Capdase (3 Capdase bluetooth speakers, which I won one!), and Kublai Khan Mongolian Restaurant (who didn't hesitate to share 11 gift certificates to our members)! 

Our minor sponsors include Giga Naturally Cebu (who shared 1 pack of beauty products), Static Data Hosting (which sponsored our bongga photo wall!), Global Hub Serviced Offices (thank you for sponsoring our printing needs!) and the tasty Yoyi's Pastries and Desserts that generously shared their super lami desserts to the members! 

Also during the event, the new Bloggers of the Quarter were announced. They are Anne Macachor and Ian Fuentes. This initiative is keeping the community active and alive. With more than 60 active members and counting, to be awarded as one of the Bloggers of the Quarter is indeed a great challenge to all of us, members. 

The event lasted for more than 6 hours. It was raining when we left and maybe we were crying inside because the party's over… but we were all in smiles and thankful to everyone--our Community Leads and generous sponsors --who made it happen. 

Until next time, Cebu Blogging Community. Keep soaring and never stop becoming better than who we are today.

(Photo credits to Jeph for all the amazing photos included in this article.)

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