7 Recommended Tips to Survive UP Hell Week

November 18, 2014

UP HELL WEEK. Ang tulog nababawi. Ang singko hindi. Yes, that's true, Iskolar! Source: Judah dela Cruz

Iskolars, last hunat na lang! In the next few weeks before this semester officially ends, you need to exert all efforts to save your dying grades.

In UP Cebu, seeing zombies in the campus from time to time is slowly becoming a normal sighting. This will go until the end of the semester since some postponed exams are now finally scheduled and you have no choice but to take them.

In the next few weeks, unsay tips sa mga freshie and feeling freshie nga wala kahibawo unsay buhaton to survive this UP Hell Week(s)? 

After asking my friends what tips to recommend to the UP Cebu students, I have compiled 7 chronological steps you may want to take to survive this UP Hell Week happening every semester's end. (Warning: I am not liable to any physical, emotional, spiritual or mental damage if you decide to follow these steps.)

1. Prepare.

Before anything else, you need to be ready to take this adventure. You should prepare your pocket to have money for some hangout in a nearby coffee shop or overnight in a classmate's house. Make sure your laptop is in a proper condition to fix your codes or papers or artworks to make. All necessary educational materials should be borrowed or photocopied or bought before you officially embark this mission.

2. Reflect.

Kaya pa ba ni mapasar? Naa pa kahay chance bisan CPR na lang akong grado? Ask yourself. It’s the time of the semester to change the term “Hell Week” to “Faith Week” and start praying to your God. Don’t rely on fate but exert effort to make good things happen. You can still change things: either you bring yourself up or pull yourself down. You need to make a decision. Now.

3. Sleep.


4. Focus.

Always remember the not-so-secret formula: acads > lovelife. If you think your lovelife is messing your academic life, feel free to reconsider that relationship. Some people decide to take some “academic” break from all these romance and use all your energy to save your grades. 

5. Eat.

Forget your figure. You need to have some good source of energy to survive this season. Kuwang ra nang crush-crush para mabusog ka. Don’t forget to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. If naay time, take some banana cue from Manang Lisa kay healthy na para sa imong body and mind. 

6. Cry.

When everything’s over and naay mga butang nga wala makaya sa CPR, you may need to cry. Let it go. Don’t worry, naa pay next time. On the other hand, if you were able to save some critical soul, hilak sa kalipay.

7. Chill.

The perfect time to chill is when everything’s over. Not in the middle of the ride.

Since you've reached this point, I'm suggesting you to watch this medyo addicting video I found in Youtube. You deserve to have some good vibes kay basin stress na kaayo ka dira. Chill ra kaayo ang manok, sa?

By the way, you may now sleep. God bless, Iskolar!


Yes, UP Hell Week(s) is coming. Now it's time to check out the different signs of Hell Week(s) in UP Cebu!

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