8 Signs It’s Already Hell Week(s) in UP Cebu

November 24, 2014

UP HELL WEEK is now showing, Iskolar! Ready na mo? Source: Judah dela Cruz

Yes, we’re exaggerating when we refer the remaining weeks of each semester as ‘UP Hell Week(s)’ but during these times, we see a lot of changes within the UP Cebu community.

On another post, I’ve already created recommended tips to survive UP Hell Week and feel free to read it by clicking the link provided. Today, I’ve decided to write another post about this significant time of the semester wherein students exert all efforts remaining to save the sinking grade!

Here are signs you see in UP Cebu every time the UP Hell Week season kicks in! 

1. Surveys, experiments everywhere.

Mostly conducted by the Psych students (and sometimes we’ve got some from Management and Mass Communication students), we see a lot of posts in "Speak UP, Iskolar" and "Overheard at UP" asking for help to answer their surveys. Our friends greet us with messages in our Facebook and Twitter giving us links to Google Forms. When we roam around the campus, especially near the almost non-existent AS Lobby, some students might approach us to experiments conducted in exchange of chocolates and candies. 

Yes, it is recommended to give these students some of our time for we are vital to their academic endeavor.

2. You see students bringing blue books most of the times.

(photo from Facebook's Overheard at UP)

What’s new? Exams are now finally scheduled and interestingly, UP Cebu teachers love to postpone long exams and schedule a lot of them near the finish line. Some students, by the way, love to hoard blue books. Beware.

3. You rarely see your (non-classmate) crush.

MIA. Missing in Action. No longer found. No source of inspiration. It’s either you are too busy minding your acads or him/her minding his/her own academic business away from the lime lights of UP Cebu.

4. More students are online on Facebook and Twitter.

While you see less people in UP Cebu since some of them skip class (basically GE subjects) to meet their deadlines on another subject (especially major subjects), it is interesting to see more students online. Why? Social media has become an online classroom most students can’t live without.

5. Your Twitter and Facebook feeds are filled with exam-related posts.

In relation to more students online, our Newsfeeds and Home are bombarded with posts about exams here and there. What do you expect with emotional kids who need some sympathies from friends through likes and comments?

6. YOLO - You Only Ligo Once (upon a time).

While students in some private colleges love to groom themselves, UP Cebu students don’t mind their looks when it’s Hell Week season. No one cares about sleep. No one bothers about taking a bath. All the focus is on the academic output so why bother about ligo?

7. There are zombies roaming around the campus.

What’s expected from sleep-deprived Iskolars? These zombies are walking dead, emotionally fragile, and with inconsistent behaviors. Understanding is the key to survive the great UP Hell Week. 

8. IT Park has become UP Cebu extended study center.

Go to IT Park after your class and study in a coffee shop or milk tea house. Here you can see those students with Bracket A lifestyle but not necessarily Bracket A in STS. Isn’t it amazing? Isn’t it surprising? Isn't it... (No, I'm not judging. I'm just merely observing.)

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