Searching for Cebuano poems? Check out Balakista!

November 7, 2014

CEBUANO POETRY. Check out Balakista for fresh Cebuano poems.
Are you searching for Cebuano poems either because you are required for academic research or you simply want to read modern, fresh Cebuano poetry today? You should definitely check out Balakista: Tingog sa Batan-ong Bisaya.

This is a site that publishes Cebuano poems or locally referred as "balak bisaya" but did you know that it should have been "Balak Binisaya"? Bisaya refers to people while Binisaya is to the language, Cebuano. Mistakes like this is normal for people who have no thorough knowledge about Cebuano identity.

Balakista publishes mostly free-verse Cebuano poems. This is the type of poetry that most young poets embrace in their writing. Balakista has about more than 50 contributors and has been around for nearly four years.

If you're a newbie poet or if you are someone who wants to publish your own Cebuano poems, you can also submit it to Balakista, in their Facebook page

Balakista publishes your Cebuano poem for free and it will be available to the Cebuano community for a wider audience. Let us build our own Cebuano cultural literary heritage!

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