9 Things You Should Know About UP Cookout 2014

October 15, 2014

UP Cookout 2014 | Zuprome

Is everyone excited to attend the most anticipated annual event in UP Cebu

UP Cookout 2014 will be held in the University of the Philippines Cebu on October 24, 2014 from 6pm to 6am the next day. It’s a 12-hour non-stop party plus something every UP student is known for—social relevance. 

I’m hearing clamor from the Freshies and the rest of the community who have not yet attended the event to get a list of the things you should know to fully enjoy UP Cookut 2014. From my point-of-view, here are some of the tips that everyone should be aware of:

1. UP Cookout 2014 is free for all UP Cebu students.

You just have to be enrolled this current semester and you’ll be fine. No money to get an entrance pass to this awesome event of the year.

2. Tickets are sold at P100 only.

Tickets are sold on the event night. You can also buy tickets before the big night. Tickets sold before the day will only be P80. For more information, contact the UP Cookout 2014 Facebook page.

3. See the stars above! It will be held in the UP Cebu open ground.

The big lawn behind Malax will be the venue of this annual event. UP Cookout 2014 will surely be a great party plus social relevance especially if the stars above will be present with us. We don’t need gray clouds, please come on another day. 

4. Hungry? No problem. There are food stalls inside the campus.

Since it will be a 12-hour non-stop party plus social relevance, your tummy might need some attention in the middle of the event. No need to worry, food and drinks are available inside the campus. (Will there be liquor around? Hmmm….)

5. You can bring mats to chill out while lying on the lawn grasses.

Yes, you can. It’s a great time to be with your friends and (hopefully) you can have some space with them on the lawn grasses to take some nap or see the happenings on stage while resting your knees.

UP Cookout 2014 Poster | Oble Square by UP Cebu TINTA

6. This is the first Cookout to be celebrated on October.

Did you know that UP Cebu usually celebrate UP Cookout on August, but this year we moved it two months later. Why? The academic shift in the entire UP System took effect and it affected this event’s preparation as well. 

7. This year’s theme is #HolyShift and it’s awesome!

One of the highlights of UP Cookout each year is the theme. The prod team is tasked to create a theme that’s social relevant and this year they decided to have the academic shift. But, surprise! It’s more than that. We’re having "Mayday! Shift Got Real" as the event’s theme. 

We see themes for the four segments and four types of shifts in the society today: Kantahan, economic shift; Sayawan, environmental shift; Bandahan, political shift; and Rampahan, academic shift. 

Thank you for the great job, Prod Team.

8. The Prod Team is composed of the UP Cebu Student Council and Masscom students.

The graduating batch of Mass Communication students, together with the UP Cebu Student Council, are making UP Cookout 2014 a reality. And this event wouldn't be possible without the student volunteers from the VolCorps. Will we be able see a bigger and better UP Cookout this year? That’s what we’re excited about. 

9. Urbandub is (finally) here to party with the (UP) Cebu community!

Urbandub is finally coming to UP Cebu! That’s the biggest surprise UP Cookout 2014 has for the UP Cebu community and the rest of the Urbandub fans in Cebu.  But wait, there's more. We've got more artists present on the event like Jetlag, Jewel Villaflores, the Wonggoys, ABS-CBN Kapamilya Stars, Micmic Kindica and the Three-legged Men, Skankin Brews, Womb, Snubear, Foc Fashion, Dama de Noche, Band-aid, and Gestalt.
Isn’t that amazing? 

(BONUS: To heaten up the excitement, read these facts you need to know about UP Cookout by TINTA and some of the things you need to know what happened last year through Speak UP, Iskolar posts.)

Are you excited for UP Cookout 2014? Share us your expectation and thoughts in the comment section below.

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