What’s New, UP Cebu?

June 24, 2014

For UP students, summer of 2014 is unlike the previous years. Students miss their alma mater more because they’ll be spending extra two months in their homes. As most students leave the university early April, they’ll be back sometime August since academic shift for the entire UP System from June to August was already approved and implemented this academic year 2014-2015. Despite the opposition of some students, the new academic calendar will be taking effect in all campuses of UP including the University of the Philippines Cebu

For UP Cebu, since I graduated last year, a lot of changes has been taking effect. The administration of Dean Corro has continuously done great things to improve the facilities of this university.

When the visited the campus last week, I roamed around and noticed these notable changes:

up cebu tambayan - zuprome
MORE. There will be additional tambayans in front of CSO.

The renovation of the UP Cebu Library building is now ongoing. To add the good news, there will be additional four new tambayans in front of the CSO. Early last year, three tambayans have been constructed to accommodate students during breaks. Unlike the previously hexagonal tambayans, these additional tambayans are rectangular in shape.

up cebu cso bench - zuprome
BENCHES. You can take some rest upon enrollment.

In speaking of CSO, this new facility in front of Window 1 has improved as well. As you can see, benches have been added for the benefit of Management students on their last step of enrollment. 

up cebu facility - zuprome
NEW. Additional facilities where classes have been conducted.

This facility at the back of UP Cebu Clinic near the Canteen has been the home of some FA classes I’ve seen the previous academic year. (Recommended Reading: If you are a UP Cebu freshie, you should definitely read this article about the dos and don'ts in UP Cebu.)

up cebu dorm - zuprome
EXTENSION. UP Cebu Dorm is now bigger and can accommodate more students.

This is the extension of the UP Cebu Dormitory that housed the UP Tacloban students during the last year’s second semester when Yolanda severely devastated the Western Visayas region. More than about 50 students will be renting this place for P350 a month (plus P50 for cellphone and P100 for laptop, not bad right?).

up cebu as lobby - zuprome
CEMENTED.  Awesome road to AS Lobby.

The biggest change in UP Cebu that took effect has been been the AS Lobby. Additional to the three tambayans constructed in front of AS, the path to the AS Building is now completely cemented with all the green grass around the vicinity.

up cebu as lobby - zuprome
GLASS. AS Lobby is now covered with glass walls.

Yes, just this summer, rumors are true that AS Lobby is no longer the biggest tambayan for students staying the AS Building since it has been covered with glass walls to house UP Cebu-hosted events such as the recent ASEAN Academic Summit early this month.

up cebu as lobby - zuprome
COOLER? AS Lobby is now air-conditioned and students aren't allowed to tambay.

Inside the AS Lobby is now air-conditioned and there are fans instilled on the walls as well. 

These changes will welcome the UP Cebu students this August. Whether students will like it or not, according to the security guards, no one will be allowed to spend their breaks in the AS Lobby with their laptops on or barely chatting with friends. 

Once the new Library Building will be finished, UP Cebu might have two conference halls and two AVR rooms for everyone (classes, orgs and outsiders) to hold their events in this university.

What can you say about these changes, Iskolars?

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