Taking the Civil Service Exam Journey

April 21, 2014

Romeo Nicolas Bonsocan Civil Service Exam Journey
JOURNEY. Below is what I have experienced in taking the Civil Service Exam.

Taking the Civil Service Professional Examination journey will allow me to work in the government in any possible time in the future. It was quite a long but certainly memorable part in becoming a professional. Below is how I was able to attain my Certificate of Eligibility to work in the government.

Memorable Dates

August 22, 2012. I filed the Career Service Professional Examination form in its regional office—a walk from my boarding house—to have the test permit for the October 21 exam. The test permit cost me P 500.00.

October 21, 2012. After travelling Cebu City from Carcar City at dawn, I took the Career Service Professional Examination of the Civil Service Commission in the University of the Visayas (UV), Colon Street, Cebu City. In UV, my classmate Ivie also took the exam. My friend Merriefin, on the other hand, had her examination in the University of Cebu. She was with Miyuu, my other friend who took the Sub-Professional Examination instead.

December 6, 2012. After a long wait, exactly 46 days after the examination date, the results came out. When I opened Facebook, I knew Miyuu got first in the Sub-Professional Level Region VII. Happy and, at the same time, envious of her accomplishment, I first checked the Top 10 of the Professional Level. In National, I didn’t find my name. Not even in Region VII. So, I didn’t made it to the Top 10 though I find the examination not-that-difficult-and-a-bit-easy. The last thing I did was to check if I, in the first place, passed the exam. Thankfully, I did. So did my other friends.

Several days after the examination, I went to Region VII Office of the Civil Service Commission to inquire about my certificate (and know my score). To be honest, the reason why I wanted to be on Top 10 is to know my score. But I was told that I shall wait for the e-mail giving me the instruction for the Awarding Ceremony the next month.

January 9, 2013. Early morning, I received an e-mail dated January 7 that the next day will be the Awarding Ceremony. It will be held in the Regional Office of the Civil Service Commission.

January 10, 2013. At 1PM, I went to the Regional Office of the Civil Service Commission to claim my Certificate of Eligibility after passing the Career Service Professional Examination last October 21. I seated beside the Topnocher (Top 1) of the Sub-Professional Level and, amazingly, in front of me was the 10th of the Professional Level. Both of them only made it to the Regional Level, but that wasn’t easy. Only the two of them out of all the Topnochers of the examination were present.

Upon seeing my score and realizing I seated in probably the most awesome place, I realized I almost got into Top 10. The 10th placer got 84.77 while I got 84.38.

Thank you, Lord, for guiding me in the entire exam and getting an awesome score. Glad to pass an examination that will forever benefit my career if I wish to work in the government, someday sometime soon.

Romeo Nicolas Bonsocan Civil Service Exam Certificate of Eligibility
CERTIFICATE. Here's my Certificate of Eligibility.

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